Gamma Terra: Pasadena

The Missing Telescope

The party consists of Micoprocessor XJ-2, a plastic/fungus adventurer, and Squittles, an arachnoid/hawkoid adventurer. They started in the stilt city of Pazdee on 5/2/2152, where XJ tapped into a local wireless bulletin board and found a job listing.

They met Laser-suit Larry in a bar, after using deception, tedious technobabble, and super-crazy glue to get past the Orlen bouncer. Larry hired them to go investigate what happened to a telescope that he’d sent along with a courier to a mountain lion mutant in Big Bear. He also gave them a supply of food and alcohol.

They set off and along the road they met a pair of arks. XJ was badly beaten but Squittles managed to kill one of the arks, and forced the other one to heal up the Micoprocessor in exchange for his life. The pair continued on to Big Bear Village.

Big Bear Village is just a collection of 4 surviving structures: a bar, a diner, a general store, and a sheriff’s office. Throughout the course of their encounters, they interacted with an annoying android, a friendly squid-headed waitress with a southern accent, her twin sister with an English accent, a rat-man deputy and a hawk-man deputy, zombie sheriff Rob, Th’lol the widowed spider-lady, Otto the drunken serf, a porker bartender, and a pure-strain human shopkeeper.

Eventually XJ and Squittles made their way across the lake to The Old Sawmill, an abandoned restaurant that is now home to Leo the mountain lion and his astronomical observations. He needed to replace his telescope since his old one went missing a month ago, and yet when Timmy the courier showed up, he said there was no telescope coming. Mysterious!

Our Heroes investigated and asked around town, and Timmy the sleeth had arrived with a package, but left town in a new car after spending a lot of mountain scrip in town. He might have gone up to the village repairman who lives outside of town, up in the mountains, where Leo has noticed mysterious yellow, cyan, and magenta lights.

Sneaking up to investigate, the pair encountered guard robots outside of Doc Green’s lab, and when they had been defeated, Doc Green burst out of the doors and swore to kill them!

to be continued …

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